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Large format tiles made easy.

Meet our porcelain mini slabs. The OPTIMA Collection by Villeroy & Boch combines modern aesthetics with an easier design and installation process. The same tile you know and love, just scaled up!

Earning a RedDot Design Award for the 6mm thick tiles, Villeroy & Boch achieves new heights with OPTIMA.


Hudson OPTIMA 

Spotlight OPTIMA

Here is a selection of the

OPTIMA collection

from Villeroy & Boch.

Natural beauty

Inspired by natural stone and concrete, the porcelain tiles are ideal for wall and floor installations. 

OPTIMA includes tiles from the Hudson, Tuscon, X-Plane, and Spotlight collections by Villeroy & Boch.

Pictured: Tuscon OPTIMA. 120 x 120 floor. 120 x 260 wall.


seamless design

With fewer joints, the large tiles create a sense of harmony and the impression of natural stone.

Less joints also mean the series is easier to care for and install. Tailored to cover standard walls the line is perfect for new builds and renovations alike.

Pictured: Hudson OPTIMA. 120 x 120 floor. 120 x 260 wall.

See Hudson


versatile style

Designed for both public and private spaces, the OPTIMA collection is clean yet welcoming. The warmth invites modern, traditional, and classic designs in residential and commercial spaces.

Pictured: Hudson OPTIMA. 120 x 120.

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