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July 11, 2019

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kitchen backsplash trends we love


So long, white 3x6 offset subway tile! From eye-catching hues to feature accent walls, these tile designs are taking over the kitchen. Out with the exclusively white kitchen and in with the textures, patterns, and colors of today.

P.S. we're using the term "trend" to describe how tile designs are changing to keep up with current tastes, not to imply these designs are a fad or will be out of mode in 2 years!

Here's a selection of our 

Favorite Kitchen Backsplash trends of 2019

laid out perfectly

The classic offset will never go out of style, however many people opt to elevate the subway tile by using different laying patterns. For a more contemporary look, lay the tile in grids, vertically or in a herringbone.

Tile: Encore Ceramics 2x4 field tile in Ocean quartz glaze.

a new spin on white tile

Hey, we aren't hating on white tile- not in the slightest! Play around with the classics by sticking with a white tile in a new format. A white penny round backsplash or a fun shape keeps it neutral without feeling overplayed.

This backsplash designed by Ore Studios with the assistance of Ambiente designer Tiffany features Arto Brick - Studio conche tiles.

rustic textures

With the soaring popularity of modern farmhouse style, it's no surprise that we're seeing a rise in rustic textures in houses of all designs.

Tile: New Ravenna quick-ship Studio Line - 2x4 Timeworn Bricks

glass tile

With plentiful color options and styles, glass tile adapts to contemporary designs easily. Plus, glass tile is easy to keep clean, a necessity in the kitchen.

Tile: Island Stone Waveline in Seagrass.

bold blues

It seems people have grown weary of the all-white kitchen and are instead seeking bold blues and greens as their colors of choice. A deep navy blue or emerald green will compliment brushed brass hardware perfectly.

Tile: ADEX Riviera 4x4 field tile in Santorini Blue

geometric patterns

You can still be bold without using vibrant colors! Go for an eye-catching pattern to personalize your kitchen. 

Tile: Pembroke stone mosaic from the New Ravenna quick-ship Studio Line.

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