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November 28, 2022

New made-to-order collection.

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natural inspiration

Mosaique Surface often returns to the theme of nature and its inherent beauty. Mosaique Surface spent the last year creating a collection to celebrate organic shapes, textures and tones that evoke the same tranquility you feel in your garden. The Jardin collection embraces the flora, verdure, and earthen elements found in the outdoors, then carefully reimagines them in 20 timeless patterns.   

a victorian affair

Classic Victorian style is in perfect harmony with the timeless beauty of Mother Nature; often featuring diverse floral beds or worldly species of plants in lush greenhouses. The designers at Mosaique Surface wove the sophisticated ideas of these gardens into patterns with touches of glamor to elevate and intensify natural shapes.

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Lotus Leaf Petite

Lotus Leaf is the linear version of the more abstract Lotus Bloom. Simulaneously geometric and abstract, both varieties of the pattern are eye-catching and glamorous.

Shown in White Onyx (Polished), Pure White Onyx (Honed), 24K Yellow Gold Glass.

Falling Stars Petite

This might just be Mosaique Surface's most literal interpretation of stars (see "Constellations" or " Glimmer") and it's so endearing, how could you resist? 

Shown in Arctic White and Timber Beige.


Make a wish and it just might come true! High-contrast materials make this pattern truly pop.

Shown in Nero Panthera and Arctic White.


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