Old World and New World Craftsmanship

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Ambiente represents hand-selected tile and stone manufacturers of the highest quality and integrity.

We have close and exclusive partnerships with industry leading companies, domestic and European. It is our privilege to bring their state-of-the-art products, design and production sophistication directly from the factory to our clients in Seattle and across North America.

This results in projects being supplied with superior products, knowledge and service at prices that are highly competitive.

For Ambiente, finding the right tile manufacturing partners is like making friends.

When we travel in search of new stone and tile sources, we seek a connection. Shared values. We believe in each other and our mutual abilities.

Only when we find those things are we satisfied. Only then are we confident to begin the process of bringing their products to our clients, who will, in turn, feel this seamless connection from the factory floor to their home or commercial space.

This is equally true for our small domestic manufacturers and for our large, century-old German, Italian and Turkish manufacturers.


Close connections ensure quality and competitive pricing.

We are connecting exquisite craftspeople who make stone and tile products with sophisticated architects and designers, seamlessly producing the desired result for every project.

This close connection guarantees the best quality and also results in a competitive price.

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