Busting the Myth: Gold Grout

May 09, 2019

All that glitters... isn't always gold grout. In fact it's almost always gold inlay.

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You can't avoid it.

Misinformation is everywhere on social media. Even in the tile industry!

Sometimes, it's so subtle if you aren't a *tile geek* you won't even notice. However, there are some important distinctions we want to make on the subject of "gold grout." 

Promises of gold grout are all over on Pinterest and Instagram. But before you buy into the hype, you may way to know it's not exactly as advertised online.

Pictured: New Ravenna - Bright Young Things Quintin

Possible? Yes. What you're expecting?      Probably not.

We've been in the tile business for 25 years and never seen gold grout in real life. Now, that doesn't mean it's not possible. However, the images circulating online are NOT gold grout.

Pictured: Mosaique Surface Dominion Collection - Oxford Blue

All that glitters... is almost never "gold grout."

What you've seen on social media are waterjet mosaics with gold or brass inlay. Since cutting the tile or stone with a waterjet is so clean and precise, grout joints are extremely thin and mosaic pieces can butt up right next to each other. 

The gold detail may be 14k gold, gold glass, or brass. The effect is beautiful and luxurious. We have plenty of examples here in a our showroom. 

Pictured: Mosaique Surface Odyssee Collection - Bellachasse


Why is it important to know the difference between gold grout and gold inlay?

First of all, you should understand what grout is. Grout bonds your tiles together and is made of a mixture of cement, coloring, and water. You know what it looks like, because it's everywhere! Now imagine gold colored grout. It's still going to have the same grout texture and look. Probably not what you're going for and it certainly won't mimic the images you've seen on Pinterest.

Secondly, you want to go into your project with reasonable expectations in terms of budget and timeline. A waterjet mosaic with brass or gold details is going to be more expensive and take more time than subway tiles with a glitter grout, plain and simple. 

Pictured: Mosaique Surface Metropole Collection - Moscow Grande

Luxurious, artistic, and unique. 

We love gold or brass details! It's a stunning and timeless look, adding that perfect touch of decadance. The results are guaranteed eye-candy. What we don't love: misleading information online. Spread the word!

Stop by our showroom in Capitol Hill to see our favorite mosaics with gold inlay from New Ravenna and Mosaique Surface in person.

Pictured: Mosaique Surface Odyssee Collection - Constantine

Pictured above in order of appearance: New Ravenna Simone from the Quick-Ship Studio Line, Mosaique Surface Odyssee Collection Bellechasse, New Ravenna Byron from Bright Young Things, Mosaique Surface Odyssee Marechal, Multiple Mosaique Surface boards in the Ambiente showroom, Mosaique Surface Dominion Ludlow Black.

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