From Rendering to Reality

August 19, 2021

Custom Black Pools mosaic.

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New Ravenna’s founder was inspired when she saw a painting hanging in the waiting room of her acupuncturist’s office.

It turned out that her acupuncturist, Gail Miller, is a painter and she allowed New Ravenna to reimagine her painting in the glass medium. It became the Black Pool mosaic, which derives its beauty from 28 unique glass colors.


Our client was inspired to use the mosaic as the centerpiece in their personal home. And so the work began. Senior Showroom Designer, Tiffany Aweeka, first helped the client to select the exact glass colors to use in the mosaic.

With our field dimensions and artistic direction firmed up, we ordered a color rendering from the factory. This becomes the template that the mosaicists at New Ravenna use for production. New Ravenna sent back a rendering of the mosaic, which frames the window over the sink in the client’s kitchen.

The mosaic was assembled Made-to-Measure, which ships in numbered interlocking sheets along with a map for ease of installation.

Before the final stages of packing and shipping, we got a glimpse before it was sent directly off to the jobsite in Seattle.

The final result is an absolutely stunning kitchen. The Black Pool mosaic is accentuated by the rich blues in the cabinets and refrigerator. Everything in the kitchen was thought out to the very last details, with the mosaic merging into the countertop seamlessly and perfectly framed window. Our client was thrilled with the mosaic! 

For more information on our custom mosaic design process, reach out! We’re happy to discuss options over the phone, email, or by appointment in our Capitol Hill showroom.


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