In Bloom: Seattle's Cherry Blossoms

March 28, 2024

Tiles inspired by Seattle's Cherry Blossoms

There's no better indicator that spring is here than the cherry blossom trees finally sprouting to life. Whether at the icon University of Washington Quad or in your own backyard, the delicate pink flowers are a source of artistic inspiration across Seattle.

Capture the essence of Seattle's spring with some of our favorite cherry blossom-inspired tiles.

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1) 1" HEXAGONS. Ceramic mosaic by Encore Ceramics shown in Peony, Dahlia, Alabaster, and Hibiscus glazes. 2) 3"x6" FIELD CAMILLA. Ceramic tile. 3) 3"x6" FIELD NUDE. Ceramic tile. 4) CHINOISERIE. Glass mosaic by New Ravenna. Customize with your choice of materials. 5) EGRETS. Custom hand-cut glass mosaic by New Ravenna. 6) 3/8" SQUARE ORCHID. Recycled glass mosaic. 7) 3/8" SQUARE OLEANER. Recycled glass mosaic. 8) 3/8" SQUARE POSIES. Recycled glass mosaic. 9) ARNO PLANT DECO ALABASTER. Ceramic decor piece by Encore Ceramics. 10) PLUM BLOSSOM BORDER. Custom glass mosaic.


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