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February 11, 2020

Historic Dutch tile perfectly suited for a 21st century revival.

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You really can't beat the classics. Delftware refers to Dutch inspired white and blue ceramics of all kinds: tile, pottery, dishes, and more. Now is the perfect time to revisit this stunning art form, as current interior design trends seek the comfort and stability of tradition.

Pagodenburg Pavillion in at Nymphenburg palace in Mucich features delft tile. Image source.

Delft is a style popularized by the Dutch in the 17th century. Although the style began as an imitation of Chinese porcelain, the tin-glazed Dutch alternative took on a life of its own in the town of Delft in the Netherlands. Often featuring nautical or rural themes, the motif feels intimate to its owners or setting.

Image source.

This famous delft fireplace radiates warmth from both the fire and the cozy country imagery. Delft tiles can feature a series of individual images or create a mural.

Image source. Victor Hugo's residence in Guernsey.

With the popularity of modern farmhouse, Spanish colonial, and English country interiors, delft is perfectly positioned for a 21st century revival. The charming rural themed tiles reflect family stories and add a touch of nostalgia.

Source. House & Garden.

New Ravenna modernizes this classic style by creating mosaics with white and deep blue jewel glass. They offer custom art pieces like beloved childhood pets and family homes.

Image via @NewRavenna on Instagram. Mosaic artist recreates client's home in delft.




Arto Brick's Peninsula collection honors the traditional delft style with a hint of Spanish flair. These sweet images of farm animals and windmills, reminiscent of simpler times, make the perfect addition to a country style kitchen.


Check out this House & Garden article to learn more about the history of Delft.


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