Vintage Charm

May 23, 2022

Historic tile reproductions and glaze-matching by our wonderful partners.

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retro ceramics

It's so important to stay true to the original intention when renovating a vintage home but it can be difficult to know where to turn. Don't worry, we're here to help! You can close your eBay tab now.

Whether it's mid-century modern or a classic Seattle Craftmen, we have resources to help preserve your tile.

Our partners at B&W Tile and Tile Restoration Center use retro glaze colors and old-world production techniques to authentically recreate vintage tiles

color matching

B&W Tile excels at color matching retro glazes. Offering 29 standard colors, B&W Tile can create custom colors.

historic tile reproduction

Our partners over at Tile Restoration Center are experts in reproducing historic tiles and vintage glaze colors.

Whether it's just a few cracked tiles or an entire restoration, they make replica pieces and their own vintage designs so your project will be historically accurate. 


Sketch of the original tile by Tile Restoration Center.

In-progress reproduced tile.

Fireplace laid out with all reproduced tiles. 

vintage designs

Tile Restoration Center's original designs are inspired by the Arts & Crafts style, often exploring pictoral themes in hand-carved reliefs.

They have recreated the techniques and production methods of the Arts & Crafts era, so each hand-made tile feels authentic to the period.

Inspiration from instagram


A post shared by B&W Tile (@bwtilecompany)


A post shared by B&W Tile (@bwtilecompany)


A post shared by B&W Tile (@bwtilecompany)


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