New Collection: The New World

February 04, 2020

The world renowned mosaic-makers at New Ravenna have done it again with their new collection, The New World. Exploring classic American motifs, the collection features patterns found on bandanas, traditional lace weaves, and vintage maps.

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Designed by Sasha Bikoff, the collection interprets American history, from 1700s era Dutch cartography to elegant lace works reminiscent of the frontier.

Sasha Bikoff sought out patterns with a uniquely American heritage, stating, “tile is a cultural emblem that represents a country’s aesthetic. There are unlimited beautiful tiles that feel Italian, Delft, Portuguese, Spanish. America’s history is younger and the culture has a more relaxed vibe. I’d like to define that through tile.”

Lace patterns embody the classic American spirit and honor the hardworking women who created intricate patterns and lacework.

If the bandanna evokes a gritty image of the Wild West, the delicate lace patterns balance that rough edge with a softer touch.


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