Texture & Color Galore: Glazed Basalto Has Arrived

August 06, 2020


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New Ravenna's Fall 2020 collection is all about Glazed Basalto. Deservedly so! Full of character and detail, the material completely transforms classic New Ravenna patterns into something that feels brand new.

Kasbah shown in Thassos and Goldenrod, Tulip, and Hydrangea Glazed Basalto

With the launch of the Fall 2020 collection, New Ravenna adds 14 new Glazed Basalto colors to the palette. The collection exemplifies just how much this gorgeous material can change the look of their timeless patterns by re-imagining fan favorites with Glazed Basalto.

Jocelyn shown in Ivy Glazed Basalto and polished Dolomite 

The popular Elodie mosaic evokes a whole new vibe when Glazed Basalto is incorporated. Mid-Century Modern is always a good look.

Elodie shown in Cornflower, Hydrangea, and Oleander Glazed Basalto.

An irresistable throwback, it's almost like the 60's referencing Lava Lamp design was destined for these hues.

Lava Lamp shown in Tulip, Honeysuckle, Primrose, and Goldenrod Glazed Basalto with polished Rojo Alicante

Beyond mosaics, Glazed Basalto is also available in the following field sizes: 3x3 grid mosaic, 2x4 and 2x8 bricks, and special order 12x12 and 12x24 fields.

Eden Rock shown in tumbled Thassos and tumbled Aloe Glazed Basalto. 12x12 field shown in Aloe Glazed Basalto

This is only the beginning. As with all New Ravenna collections, you are free to customize any pattern from any series with your material of choice. Now you have 24 Glazed Basalto colors to choose from in addition to countless other looks including stones, metals, and glass. So start brainstorming now! Once you have your vision, we can order a custom sample template of your creation.

Ombre Tatami shown in Dahlia, Viola, Indigo, Cornflower, Hydrangea, Goldenrod, Tulip, Primrose, and Honeysuckle Glazed Basalto with polished Celeste


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