Silver & Gold

November 15, 2019

It's the holiday season! And what better to way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than to recognize two of its most festive colors: silver and gold!

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Remember this guy from the classic Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer?

Well, just like good ol' Yukon Cornelius, we're sort of obsessed with ~silver and gold~.

silver & gold



Add some glamour to your life year-round with metal accents. A touch of brushed brass, gold glass, or stainless steel will do the trick! 




Silver Bells

The reflective nature of stainless steel adds a dimensional quality to this stone backsplash.

La Liberta




A Classic Combination

They say don't mess with the classics. But what if you can make them better? Gold is a natural fit if you want to introduce a little glam to the traditional black and white tile.


Dark & Moody

A metallic effect doesn't rule out a more masculine palette, in fact, it can enhance it! The Alloy range from Encore Ceramics includes deep blues, a rusty bronze, and unexpected metallic tones.

Encore Ceramics

Silver or Bronze?

Metal tiles from FLUX Studios create unique patterns when combined or can stand alone as eye-catching accents.

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He's coming to town!

Leave out a few cookies and keep your eyes on the sky. You might just catch a glimpse of some holiday magic and a little red nose soaring through the stars.


Winter Wonderland

Hope for snow! And if not, get inspired by the cool stones displayed in this featured colorway of the Belen mosaic.


Bright Young Things

Let it snow!

Snow white marble and a touch of silver are the perfect combination all year long.


Deck the Halls

It's easy to decorate the mantel when your tile is this beautiful. Add some festive plants and spend the rest of your time relaxing by the fire (or frantically shopping for gifts).

French Quarter




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