The Cotswolds: Inspiration from Across the Pond

September 12, 2022

Reading in an armchair by the window. Putting together a puzzle and sipping hot tea. Planting flowers and herbs in the garden. It's all about that homey, cozy feeling. 

Part of the inspiration behind the popular "cottagecore" aesthetic, the English Cotswolds embrace comfort and tradition. Rich patterns, influenced by the beautiful countryside setting, adorn the walls in the form of tile and wallpaper. It feels cozy, welcoming, and familiar.

This mood board is inspired by the dreamy cottages of the Cotswolds.

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Tiles shown by row - top to bottom:

  1. Carver mosaic, Estelle mosaic, Chinoiserie mosaic
  2. Flatweave mosaic
  3. Agatha mosaic, Friesland Flowers 
  4. Granny Squares mosaic, Studio 6"x6" in Walnut SpiceFruit Basket.


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