The Highlands: Inspiration from Across the Pond

August 29, 2022

Gazing out a window at the rugged landscape. Sitting in a comfortable armchair in a masculine cigar room. Exploring libraries full of the setting's rich medieval history. Warmth in the form of furs, rugs, and delicious patterns.

Up in the Scottish hills, stone and grass dominate the landscape. Inside, it's essential to both incorporate the natural resources and add warmth. Plaid patterns, weathered stone, and rich colors lend to a more masculine palette.

The Scottish Highlands inspired our latest mood board.

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Tiles shown: Atherton mosaic, Maroon di Notte Cottage Linear Marble, Lupita mosaic, Rory mosaic, Highland mosaic, American Slate Ember Ash Natural Cleft, Aberdeen, Chester Plaid mosaic. 


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