Interior Design Themes in 2023

January 19, 2023

Interior Themes for 2023.

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design themes for 2023

The time has come. It’s officially the end of the all-white kitchen or bathroom. Just say NO to the gray wood-look LVT. Moving forward, it’s all about your own personal style and telling your own story through design.


the end of the trend

Okay, hear us out. Of course, trends are never actually going to stop. After some mishaps, like the TikTok DIY foam mirror, plus the various microtrends from 2022 in the fashion industry, it’s safe to say people are more cautious when it comes to digital trends and are instead reflecting on their own personal style. 


get personal

In the age of mass consumerism, our pieces often come from big-box stores where thousands of other people shop. There’s nothing wrong with that - interior design has never been more accessible. However, it’s important to add pieces that truly speak to who you are.

Incorporating sentimental items like family heirlooms and antiques is essential to make your home unique and add meaning. New Ravenna makes fantastic mosaics of designs such as family homes and pets.

Image via @NewRavenna on Instagram. Mosaic artist recreates client's home in delft.


The obvious response to the minimalist interiors we’ve seen for the past few years is maximalism. This means embracing pattern and color in bold ways. It takes some courage to go maximalist and you have to really commit, but the result is so rewarding.

spaces with intention

After a few years stuck in the house, long-forgotten spaces such as the laundry room and pantry are getting more attention. In these inherently practical spaces, it’s time to consider beauty without sacrificing function.


lived-in elegance

Say au revoir to sterile, cookie-cutter, “move-in ready” interiors. Adding texture and using materials that already feel worn in creates a sense of permanence and integrity. One way to participate in this trend is to think ahead and choose materials that patina over time. The English Cottage style is a great example of this theme. It’s comforting, homey, and lived-in. 

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