When Worlds Collide: The Fashion World Meets Tile

March 01, 2022

VICTORIAN was created by renowned fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou, in collaboration with Villeroy & Boch.

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VICTORIAN by Mary Katrantzou and villeroy & boch

is the beautiful result of the fashion world meeting the world of tile and interior design.

Known as the Queen of Print, Katrantzou builds off of her autumn/winter 18 collection titled "From Victoriana to Bauhaus" in this new collection, most notably her iconic butterfly motif. You can also see references to her work from spring/summer 13, which delved into the world of postage stamps.

Often exploring themes of nostalgia, Katrantzou was inspired by Villeroy & Boch's heritage tile from back in the Victorian era. She ultimately wove both her own body of work and Villeroy & Boch's historical archive of tile together to create something entirely new.

Please note that this collection is special-order from the Villeroy & Boch factory in Germany. For lead times, please contact us


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