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We love this project by AM Interior Design using Encore Ceramics and Arto Brick. Aimee Meisgeier created a fabulous space with a refined yet unique vibe, perfect for the Palm Springs setting. Read our interview with the talented  Aimee below!

Our interview with Aimee Meisgeier of 

AM Interior Design

Q: What was your inspiration for this project and for the tile?

A: I wanted to keep the integrity of the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of the home, so I was looking to use a traditional Spanish tile feel for the tile schedule. The project is in the Palm Springs area, so I also wanted to incorporate that fun and colorful vibe that Palm Springs is known for into my design as well.

Q: Was there anything specific your clients wanted from the tile? Did they have a look in mind or were you given plenty of creative freedom?

A: My clients said "just do your thing." They trusted my vision and allowed me to have complete creative freedom which is great but also nerve wracking as well since you never know what the reaction will be when the completed project is revealed to the clients. Luckily, they loved it!

Q: What made you choose ARTO Brick and Encore Ceramics?

A: I have always loved the raw beauty of the material and old world charm that Arto Brick's products have, but just hadn't run across the right project to fit them in. When I started working on the Indian Wells project, I just knew they would be perfect in the space. 

Encore's products always resonated with me as well. Everytime I walked in the Ambiente Tile showroom, there was an Encore sample board that my eye was always drawn to. I told myself "I NEED to use this in a project at some point!" Once again, the Indian Wells project proved perfect for it since it too had a Spanish tile pattern vibe and that fun and colorful funky "Palm Springs" feel I was aiming for. 

Q: How long have you been in interior design? How would you describe your style as a designer?

A: I have been in the Interior Design field since 2004, but started my own Interior Design business in 2018. So in total, over 15 years. Wow, time sure flies! My design style has an eclectic vibe to it, giving spaces a warm and inviting feel to them. I love the use of colors, patterns, shapes and textures. I also love to incorporate some statement piece into my design, whether that be in the form of art, tile, or striking fabric for the "wow" factor; the bigger, the bolder, the better!

Q: Lastly, how long have you worked with Ambiente?

A: I have been working with Ambiente since 2010 or so. They are hands down, my go-to-tile showroom. Everyone is highly knowledgeable in all things tile, friendly and personable and provide excellent customer service with all your needs. I can't say enough good things about them!

Thank you Aimee for taking the time to answer our questions and for being such a gracious and loyal client over the years! 

Check out Aimee's website to see more of her Indian Wells project!

Encore bar photographs by Carter Photography.

Arto handpainted decos photographed by Adam Taylor Photos.

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