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When you look at Melissa Holden's projects one word immediately pops into mind: refined. Her designs manage to accomplish a rather difficult task: to be both elegant and cozy. Her style merges traditional with modern, often incorporating unexpected touches. We love collaborating with Melissa, so we asked her a few questions about some of our favorite projects and her design studio, LBD Designs.

Our interview with

melissa holden of lbd design

Q: What would you say is your signature look? What is the running theme in your designs?

A: I always try to incorporate elements that are modern but classic and will stand the test of time. I love a modern aesthetic with classical details.

Q: How did starting your own design studio during the pandemic influence your approach both artistically and on the business side?

A:I think going from working in an office with a team to working individually at home has been challenging. It’s forced me to look for other sources of inspiration since I’m not really getting them from a group setting when you often have vendors coming in to show new product, or having co-workers to bounce ideas off of. I’ve started following more design accounts on social media than I’ve ever done before. 

Q: In your Eastmont Way project, the custom Mosaique Surface mosaics in both the kitchen and bathroom really shine. What was your design process like when creating the mosaics and how did you land on that palette and pattern?

A: This client and project are one of a kind. She really wanted the “hard surfaces'' to be the art, versus actually hanging art pieces. In the Kitchen, she had an existing drapery panel we drew color inspiration from along with the KitchenAid Mixer we knew she’d have on the counter to pull together a palette concept. Bringing in the brass accents really popped with the matching plumbing. In the Master Bath, she knew she wanted something bold with high contrast but classical with either navy and white or black and white. Once we found the pattern we loved, the rest fell into place.

Nadja mosaic display in showroom.

Final palette in the kitchen. Custom colorway.

Q: Your Blue Ridge project is a great example of the timeless quality of your designs. What factors do you consider to ensure your designs stand the test of time, especially when it comes to tile?

A: It all goes back to my aesthetic of a play on modern and traditional. The subway is trending but traditional, the use of multiple shades to create movement was unique but also accomplished what the client wanted. She loved the variation of real marble but with a quartz counter for functionality, we didn’t want to do real marble on the backsplash. Using the multiple shades of grey/white allowed us to create movement and variation without the upkeep of marble. 

Q: What tile project was the most fun for you to design and why?

A: The Eastmont Way project will always be special because I LOVE Art Deco and the clients aesthetic. She was amazing to work with and it was really just fun the entire way!

Q: What draws you to Ambiente?

A: Working with Ambiente really feels like a personalized boutique experience. I lean on my rep, Tiffany, to solve design solutions often and know she is always there to help solve any issues, should they arise.

Eastmont Way Kitchen featuring Mosaique Surface backsplash.

Nadja mosaic in custom colorway.

Nadja mosaic in custom colorway.

Eastmont Way Bathroom.

Mosaique Surface pattern Coco on the wall.

Coco pattern in custom colorway.

Coco pattern in custom colorway.

32nd Avenue Bathroom.

ARTO on the floor and Wizard on the shower walls.

ARTO Paintsheet detailing custom colorway for bathroom floor.

Custom ARTO floor.

Wizard 2x6 in Gloss White and Pistachio.

Eastmont Way Kid's Bathroom.

Oceanside Glass Tile Casa Framework Hex and Flat Hex in Tourmaline.

ADEX subway tiles in Snowcap.

Blue Ridge Kitchen.

Encore Ceramics backsplash.

Encore Ceramics.

Exeter Bathroom.

ADEX Riviera in Rimini Green on the walls.

Thanks so much to Melissa Holden for taking the time to talk tile with us!


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