Trend Forecasting: 2022 Tile

January 31, 2022

In 2022, we're chasing comfort and slowly moving away from the ultra-minimalist aesthetic. We're embracing vintage patterns and sourcing sustainable materials with timeless beauty.

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Stability & Comfort

It’s impossible to reckon with current interior design trends without acknowledging the past two years. It’s no wonder that many trends are leaning towards a warm, comfortable, and familiar scheme.

Many of us crave a sense of stability during stressful times. Plus, spending more time at home encouraged many of us reconsider our surroundings, this time with a renewed focus on pieces that fulfill us emotionally and will stand the test of time.



It may be a whole new year, but we’re not starting from scratch. Earth tones are still a key fixture and that won’t change anytime soon. Warm hues and textured materials, like glazed brick and terracotta, ground a space and connect us to the Earth.


Have you heard the term grandmillenial? Maybe not, but you’ve definitely seen the style! With vintage patterns, wallpapers, and traditional details like sink skirts, this decor appeals to our emotions and a desire for a cozy, simpler life. Play with this nostalgic aesthetic by using a traditional Delft tile.


A theme in many of our 2022 trends is a sense of familiarity or establishment. The texture and depth of antiqued and worn finishes lend a sense of history to newly built spaces.


Biophilia is still a major influence in design. Adding a green subway tile can subtly nod to the trend, or you can go all out with a foliage mosaic.

saturated situations

Expect to see more bright colors this year. Highly-saturated interiors make a big statement and just make us smile.

conscious design

A big “trend” that we hope becomes the standard is truly conscious design. It’s so important to research the source of your materials for a project so you can evaluate them based on your own values. More of our clients come in looking for locally sourced and sustainable tiles.

This also means designing for the future, not just the trends of the day. Choose a tile that *you* love and will love for a long time!

statement stone

One of our favorite trends is statement stone. With dramatic veining and rich hues, natural stone can make any space truly unique. 

intricate patterns

We’re seeing more fun wallpaper-like patterns. Choosing a tile instead of a wallpaper is an excellent choice in a powder room or other wet area.

New Ravenna collaborated with the iconic Gracie wallpaper company to re-imagine some of the studio's most popular designs in mosaic format.

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