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The Urban Jungle collection by Villeroy & Boch explores vibrant and subtle tiles alike. The exotic collection offers lush, botanical imagery and calming hues.

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urban jungle Collection

an urban oasis

Make your escape to your own private retreat in the concrete jungle. The floor and wall tiles are inspired by concrete and vary subtly from tile to tile.

Wall: 40 x 120 cm decor - wild jungle grey matte. Floor: 120 x 120 cm OPTIMA - grey matte. Shower wall: 120 x 160 OPTIMA - grey matte.


deep in the jungle

Deep greens and greys create a mysterious and intriguing space.

Wall: 40 x 120 cm decor - green mix matte. Floor: 60 x 60 basic tile - dark grey matte.


go wild

Allow the tile to take center stage and let the patterns inspire you! Design a bold, invigorating space where creative thoughts run wild. 

Wall: 40 x 120 cm decor - wild jungle greige matte. Floor: 80 x 80 cm basic tile - greige matte.

Keep it subtle

For a more understated look, these subtle decor tiles may do the trick and stay on-trend. The collection has a variety of colors and can be used as a simple accent or a bold statement.

Decor: 40 x 120 cm white jungle grey, 40 x 120 basic tile white grey matte.

Urban Jungle

anything but basic

Yes, these floor tiles are named "basic tile" but they're far from average. Soft to the touch and easy on the eye, the floor tiles warm up any room.

Floor: Greige 45x45 cm basic tile. Skirting: 8x45 cm.




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